Rising Star

This award is presented to a nurse who graduated from a psychiatric nursing education program leading to initial entry to practice within five years of the deadline for ARPNBC award nominations. The recipients will have exceeded the expectations of their employers or colleagues and demonstrate excellence in the nursing profession: Nominees must also meet all the following general criteria:
  • Nominees must have graduated within five years of the nomination deadline. For example, if the nomination deadline is June 2017, nominees must have graduated within five years of that date.
  • Consistently demonstrates excellence as a professional nurse
  • Consistently demonstrates responsibility for his/her own professional development
  • Demonstrates leadership skills and attributes
  • Demonstrates awareness of the importance of meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families
  • Provides nursing care that is caring, respectful and sensitive to each patient, family member and co-worker
  • Participates in the activities of professional, health-related organizations outside of own agency (not required as part of employment)
  • Actively demonstrates innovative and progressive ideas in nursing
  • Demonstrates a positive influence and attitude within their health care team and energizes other team members by being a force for positive change
  • Consistently demonstrates excellence in interpersonal relationships and communication skills