Innovation in Nursing

This award is presented to a nurse who has a broad base of psychiatric nursing experience in more than one domain of nursing (clinical practice, education, administration, research) and is recognized as an expert and innovator in their practice area.

In the case of this award, ARPNBC defines innovation as doing things differently or doing different things in order to achieve large-scale or systemic change. Innovation is novel, inspiring and goes beyond the implementation of a new idea. True innovators model the change they want to see in their work setting by designing, implementing, promoting and inspiring.

Nominees must demonstrate excellence and innovation in at least four of the following areas:
  • Promoting, maintaining, or restoring the health of the general public
  • Teaching nursing theory or practice
  • Counselling persons with respect to health care
  • Working with other members of the health care team
  • Coordinating health care services
  • Engaging in administration, education, or research for any of the foregoing.

Nominees must also meet all the following general criteria:
  • Demonstrates excellence as a professional nurse consistently
  • Demonstrates responsibility for own professional development on a consistent basis
  • Participates in the activities of professional, health-related organizations outside of own agency (not required as part of employment)
  • Demonstrates innovative and progressive ideas in nursing
  • Acts as a role model and mentor
  • Demonstrates excellence in interpersonal relationships and communication skills