Excellence in Nursing Advocacy

This award is presented to a nurse who has made outstanding efforts in advocating for health benefits to a specific group or in advocating for health system change. This award may be presented to an individual nurse or to a group of nurses. In the case of a group, at least one must be an active, practising RPN.

Nominees must meet all of the following criteria:
  • The advocacy work must have resulted in a significant act(s) or specific decision(s) and have been the primary reason the significant action or decision was made;
  • The advocacy action(s) or decision(s) were marked by outstanding effort, process, or innovation;
  • The advocacy work must have exceeded the normal expectations of nursing practice; and
  • The advocacy work was inclusive and respectful of the values and personal autonomy of those affected by it.

Nominees must also meet all the following general criteria:
  • Demonstrates excellence as a professional nurse consistently
  • Demonstrates responsibility for own professional development on a consistent basis
  • Participates in the activities of professional, health-related organizations outside of own agency (not required as part of employment)
  • Demonstrates innovative and progressive ideas in nursing
  • Acts as a role model and mentor
  • Demonstrates excellence in interpersonal relationships and communication skills
In the event the advocacy work was conducted in an area of controversy, nominees made efforts to mediate and reach consensus with those holding disparate views.

The advocacy must have been conducted within the requirements of the professional standards and the CRPNBC Code of Ethics for Registered Psychiatric Nurses.

Advocacy can result in actions that require investigation and rulings by legal and/or regulatory authorities. Should the advocacy result in pending legal action or action by a regulatory body against the nominee(s), then the nominee(s) will be disqualified until a decision has been rendered by the court or regulatory body.