Excellence in Nursing Administration

This award is presented to nurses who demonstrate excellence in administration of psychiatric nursing practice.

Nominees must demonstrate excellence in at least four of the following areas:
  • Empowers staff to actively participate in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care and the efficient delivery of services
  • Promotes a culture where staff are positive, challenged and involved
  • Leads by example by demonstrating respect, integrity and collegiality
  • Demonstrates commitment to staff development
  • Consistently advocates for nursing in the health-care setting
  • Participates in setting and carrying out organizational goals, priorities, and strategies
  • Promotes effective relationships with multi-disciplinary health-care teams
  • Provides for allocation, optimum use and evaluation of resources such that standards of nursing practice can be met
  • Maintains information systems appropriate for planning, budgeting, implementing and monitoring the quality of services
  • Provides leadership that is visible, visionary and proactive
  • Influences change in health-care delivery
  • Evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of nursing services
The above criteria is adapted from the Canadian Nurses Association standards for nursing administration.

Nominees must also meet all the following general criteria:
  • Demonstrates excellence as a professional nurse consistently
  • Demonstrates responsibility for own professional development on a consistent basis
  • Participates in the activities of professional, health-related organizations outside of own agency (not required as part of employment)
  • Demonstrates innovative and progressive ideas in nursing
  • Acts as a role model and mentor
  • Demonstrates excellence in interpersonal relationships and communication skills